God bless and take care in the hope of sacrifice.

Our NFT art collections They facilitate understanding of the world, develop creativity, imagination, and the ability to experience emotional experiences. They broaden knowledge, preserve beauty and shape their own worldview. Sometimes it is worth stopping and spending a moment with art and its priceless beauty and richness. And being one of the few copies of art increases a person’s cognitive abilities by up to several hundred percent. Each of the purchased tokens allows access to the divine bonus for the buyer specified by the project. These can be digital experiences, physical experiences or items, etc. Let us act in the idea of ​​helping others.

Jesus Gallery is proud to present –

We will pray! And we will win!

A religious token is also an expression of your faith, helping your fellow man, and a feeling of being part of a great project. Religious token holders are part of the virtual Catholic community. They receive good that is of spiritual value also in material form.

Often there is a discussion about faith around us.

Only a few proudly declare: I am an unbeliever and I feel good about it. However, they seem unhappy and at times irritate believers out of jealousy.

Virtual ART is Real ART

We present NFT artworks in several ways to display digital art – 3d painting, digital stained glass window, sculpture. Each of the 3d tokens has a surprise for buyers and has hidden benefits. NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means that hidden in those quirky artworks, there’s a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger using blockchain technology to establish proof of ownership.

RoadMap – We divide the entire project into several smaller collections.

1. The most important collection is the Jesus Gallery collection – each NFT owner receives value in the form – access to limited auctions – entering the so far unknown world – free NFT – Calatrava Logo 2. Other collections include: – Genesis. 7 days of the Origin of the World NFT – A DEO NFTs

You have a Catholic NFT collection designed by you. Do you want to become part of our project? Now’s your chance, we have 4 additional slots for the NFT collection. If you do not have your collection, contact us. And our artists will design it especially for your project. Become part of the world of Catholic digital art creators. We will help you to present it at our exhibition. We will handle the service, promotion and sale. Write to us!


Each of the purchased tokens brings spiritual, material and digital benefits to the buyer.